While you might be an excellent, all-around handyman, deciphering what system of your home is not working takes a well-seasoned eye and ear—not just someone who has “seen it all before”, but someone who sees it all the time. Standing Water Anytime you are finding standing water in your home, it’s time to call a plumber. Whether it’s your water heater, toilet, or sink, a plumber can see if there is more than meets the eye. Typically, standing water is a sign of a much larger p... read more
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Winterizing your Vacation Home or Snowbird Nest

Posted by Cori Seraydarian on November 06, 2019 in  Real Estate Advice
It’s that time again. We look up into the sky and see flocks of them leaving us – the annual migration of the Mid-Atlantic snowbirds heading to their winter homes. If this is your first year away from snow and ice, or even if you have racked up millions of airline points, here are a few pointers. 1. Protect Your Pipes to Avoid Water Damage by Turning Off Your Water Supply If a pipe bursts or leaks while you are away, it could cause significant damage. Consider completely turning off the water supp... read more
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This time comes every season – when you are entirely sick of the season that has just passed and can’t wait for the weather to change. It’s a temperate-zone thing. Whilst waiting perhaps you plan some fun activities that you may never even have known were possible! For instance: Bury The Hatchet:  Yes that’s right Bucks County. No longer can Canada have all the fun with it’s hatchet throwing competitions. Now we too can throw axes for fun. And there are leagues people. Y... read more
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Who Needs A Bucks County Realtor?

You do!
Posted by Stephanie Schade on November 09, 2018 in  Bucks County  Real Estate Advice
Why Do You Need An Agent? With so much information online right there at your fingertips you may think that you do not need the services a Bucks County Real Estate agent can provide. Because your home purchase is one of the most important (and expensive) decisions that you will make, shouldn’t you use the skills of a professional who has spent his or her career helping people move through the buying and selling process as smoothly as possible? Even if you have bought and sold homes all over Bu... read more

Who Knew? Things to do - Jersey Shore Edition

Posted by Jay Ginsberg on July 04, 2019 in  Jersey Shore  Things to Do
Sure, You could lie on the beach or play in the water but there is so much more to do at the Jersey shore - things that are a little off or even a little scary. Paranormal Museum, Asbury Park  Since 2008 this mini-museum has curated a collection of oddities including the Hand of Glory (a candle holder supposedly made from a severed hand), some “haunted” dolls, and the jewel in their crown — a skull thought to be that of the Jersey Devil, the creature rumored to wander the New Jersey Pine... read more
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