Real Estate Advice 2: Working with your Sellers Agent

Posted by Cori Seraydarian on January 02, 2019 in  Real Estate Advice
A Seller’s agent or "listing agent" is a person who represents the interests of the seller in a real estate transaction. The property owner -- or seller -- is the client. The agent’s duties to the seller are: undivided loyalty, obedience, diligence, disclosure, confidentiality, accounting and reasonable skill and care. Choosing a Seller’s AgentChoosing your Seller’s Agent is an important decision. You and she will be in close and nearly constant contact. At times you will be speaki... read more

Lambertville New Hope Winter Festival

Posted by Stephanie Schade on January 02, 2019 in  Things to do in Bucks County
Twenty-two years and still going strong! Beat the winter blues by attending the Lambertville * New Hope Winter Festival. Hosted by the Twin Rivertown Projects, Inc., a 501c3 organization, the winter festival is a great thing to look forward to no matter what the weather.  In 1995, local business owner Louise Decker got the idea to hold a Winter Carnival like the ones held in the ski areas of New England. With the help of interested colleagues and friends Louise pulled it all together and made the first Lambert... read more
The title sounds a little flippant but sufferers of seasonal effective disorder know the dread that comes with first drop in temperature. Once the holidays, with the hustle and bustle (and Christmas lights), is done those long moths of January, February and March stretch coldly ahead. There are some things that you can do to your house in order to help get through those long winter months. 1.    Wash your windows every single Autumn. Before the weather gets too cold wash every single ... read more

Selling your Bucks County Home this Winter might be a great idea!

Selling your Bucks County Home this Winter might be a great idea!
Posted by Dave Marcolla on December 19, 2018 in  Bucks County  Bucks County PA  property  Selling in Winter
Should I sell in the Winter? What have we all heard about the seasonality of selling real estate?  Typically, everyone believes the spring and summer to be the best months to sell a home.  While that may be by and large true at a national level, that's not always true in areas like Bucks County and can vary by year.  Real estate markets vary for many reasons.  There are socioeconomic influences, politics, climate, interest rates and other factors that can make selling your home a smart idea in y... read more

5 Ways to Keep your House Safe While on Vacation

Posted by Karen Johnson on December 18, 2018 in  uncategorized
With cold weather here till Spring many people’s thoughts are turning to thoughts of a warmer vacation. If you are going to be spending time away from your home there are some things to keep in mind to protect your property while you are gone.   Here are five things to consider in order to keep your home safe if you are away during the summer months:   Flyers, Newspapers, and Mail: It is absolutely a technique of home burglars to look for newspapers stacked up on your sidewalk to det... read more
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