5 Infamous Houses in the US You Can Visit

Posted by Jay L. Ginsberg on January 01, 2021 in  Architecture  Things to Do
A house can be famous: The White House, Falling Water, and Monticello are good examples but what makes a house Infamous? A house can be infamous because of its distinct architecture, the character of its owners (both good and bad) or events that have taken place within its walls (again-both good and bad). Let’s explore some infamous houses that are scattered around the country.   Olsen House, Cushing Maine: You know you have seen that house before – but where? It&... read more
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Who Knew? Things to do - Jersey Shore Edition

Posted by Jay L. Ginsberg on July 04, 2019 in  Jersey Shore  Things to Do
Sure, You could lie on the beach or play in the water but there is so much more to do at the Jersey shore - things that are a little off or even a little scary. Paranormal Museum, Asbury Park  Since 2008 this mini-museum has curated a collection of oddities including the Hand of Glory (a candle holder supposedly made from a severed hand), some “haunted” dolls, and the jewel in their crown — a skull thought to be that of the Jersey Devil, the creature rumored to wander the New Jersey Pine... read more
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Day Trips - How Long Has it Been? Longwood Gardens

Posted by Maureen Scullion on April 18, 2019 in  Day Trips  Things to Do
Longwood Gardens        When is the last time you visited Longwood Gardens? Have you seen the new fountains? Now that the weather is getting warmer – get in the car and drive the two hours to breathtaking beauty. It’s 100% worth it. According to Wikipedia, in 1700, a Quaker farmer named George Peirce purchased 402 acres of this English-claimed land from William Penn’s commissioners. George’s son Joshua cleared and farmed the land and in 1730 he built t... read more
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Fight Brain Rot - Take A Class!

Posted by Stephanie S. Schade on March 20, 2019 in  Bucks County PA  Things to Do
Social Media rots your brain. It’s well documented. Well ok maybe not documented but who among us has not sat down to look at Aunt Helen’s pictures of her new cat in Facebook and looked up to find it is two hours later and you REALLY need a bathroom?   Television rots your brain. Now that Netflix moves right on to the next episode of The Great British Baking Show after you have already watched two – who can resist finding out whether Daphne the Welsh virologist can wow Paul wit... read more

What the Heck is Happening in Hellertown

Posted by Cynthia L. Rundatz on March 20, 2019 in  Hellertown  Things to Do
Hellertown, PA is a terrific town located in Saucon Valley. Hellertown was named after the area's first family, the Hellers - who purchased 200 acres along the Saucon Creek and built Wagner's Grist & Saw Mill in the mid 1700s. The Grist Mill has been restored and remains a historical attraction and pride of the community. Hellertown has several parks including the Saucon Rail Trail - eight miles through the borough, Lower Saucon, Upper Saucon, and Coopersburg. Hellertown also has its own mar... read more
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