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Beautiful Barns of Bucks County

Posted: July 09, 2020 by Lisa DeJessa

Driving though Bucks County Pennsylvania one notices that much of it’s beauty comes from its rural nature. Small farms dot the landscape and jewel of these farms is the large stone and wood barn that rises above the farmhouse.  The barns of Bucks County come in many shapes and sizes but all were built to serve a purpose and it’s the echo of the voices of generations of farm families and their animals that adds to their beauty.

Thankfully the Heritage Conservancy has put together a list of fifteen of the most beautiful barns in the county. Based in Doylestown, PA, and serving Bucks and Montgomery counties, Heritage Conservancy is committed to being the region’s premier, nationally accredited conservator. The Conservancy is a community based organization dedicated to the preservation and protection of significant open spaces, natural resources, and our historic heritage. A champion of conservation best practices, Heritage Conservancy believes that everyone is responsible for stewardship and seeks to enlighten, engage, and empower others to help achieve this mutual vision.

Visit the Conservancies website to find information on all the barns by clicking here:

A couple of my favorite barns include:

Thompson-Neely Barn
Across from Bowman’s Hill Wildflower Preserve at
1632 River Road
New Hope, PA 18938

According to the Heritage Conservancy; the Thompson-Neely barn, built in the early 1700’s is quite unique. Unlike most barns, it was built with two stories on the rear elevation but only one story on the barnyard side. This gives the barn a saltbox configuration when viewed from the gable ends. The barn is a three bay English barn with double wagon doors in the central bay on both elevations. The double doors on the barnyard side are flanked by single doors; one door is larger than the other. The reason for this feature is generally consistent with a larger door being used for horses and a smaller door for cows. The barn has narrow ventilation slits in the haymows. The Thompson-Neely House was used as a hospital for sick and wounded soldiers during the Revolutionary War just prior to George Washington’s famous crossing of the Delaware River on Christmas night. It is believed that after the first Battle of Trenton, James Monroe was brought there. The Thompson-Neely House is open for tours.


New Hope Winery
6123 Lower York Road
New Hope, PA 18938

This mid-19th century frame-over-stone bank barn has been converted for retail use as a winery. Unlike most barns, the bank is on the southerly side of this barn. Generally, the bank was located on the back of the barn. Most barns had ground-level stable doors on the south or southeasterly side so that the animals could benefit from the morning sun. These doors were sheltered by either being recessed from the frame superstructure above or protected by a projecting frame forebay. If you visit – go for the barn – stay for the wine and music!

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