No Art is Better than Bad Art

Posted: February 22, 2019 by Jay Ginsberg

Be honest: Are you the proud owner of a velvet painting or dogs playing poker? Perhaps a “Paint by Numbers” that you completed in middle school that looks perfect in your hall bathroom? An Ikea frame that still hold the poster art it came with hanging in your dining room?

If you are thinking of putting your home on the market it’s time to let that bad art go. I was with some folks recently who were shopping for homes. One home in particular had large art hanging on the walls. The only comments by the potential buyers regarding that home were about the art and how atrocious it was. (If I’m honest the art really was remarkably unattractive.) The home itself had many features they were looking for but the only thing they seemed to remember about it was the “art”.

Often Sellers think that buyers will look past the huge collection of pigs covering every square inch of their home or the giant animal skin hanging on the living room wall. Some buyers will look past but many will not. Why take that chance? Use family and friends to tell you what they think of your artwork. Ask your realtor to be brutally honest. If it doubt take it down.

In the opposite direction many Sellers think they must completely remove every family photo. We don’t want that either! Small groups of photos on a table or two looks lovely and gives the room life. The only family photos we will always ask you to remove is the “gallery” walls – staircase or hallway walls covered with photos of your children from birth through braces into cap and gowns. Those walls of photos have often begun to fade and make the space seem small and cluttered.

So remember – if in doubt – take it down. You can have a wonderful time finding places for all of the piggies in your next home!  

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